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Vibro Compaction

Vibro compaction
with Free Hanging
PTC Vibrolance


The PTC free hanging Vibrolance penetrates de ground thanks its own weight, the vibrations emitted by its poker, and the water jetting. When the desired depth is reached, the Vibrolance begins the vibrocompaction of the ground by doing continuous upward and downward movements, until it reaches the surface. During this process, the sand is agitated to remove fines and an annular gap is formed around the Vibrolance. To regularly fill this gap, sand infill is added from the ground level, while the Vibrolance continuous to compact the ground. This process is repeated until compaction point is built up to ground level.


Under water deep compaction

PTC Vibrolances can be as well used for deep compaction works under water. This type of work can be seen in following images, which show two PTC Vibrolances doing under water compaction down to 30 m depth, and a PTC Vibrolance equipped with a side water jetting.



Watter Jetting

Vibro compaction is usually assisted by a water jetting system, which facilitates Vibrolance penetration,
removes soft materials and stabilises the hole.  When the penetration depth surpasses 20m, additional side water jetting is recommended.